1. Submission deadline - 10/01/2016.

  2. The Competition has two distinct categories:
    • a contemporary classical piece for piano solo up to 8-10 min.
    • a jazz piece for piano solo, up to 6 min.
         - either written in classical notation on bass F and treble G keys.
         - or using the American notation. In this case write an improvisation in a maximum of four chord charts.

  3. The competition is open to all nationalities with no age limit.

  4. The number of submissions is limited to two per participant, in either or both categories. They must be in manuscript or printed form and clearly legible under penalty of rejection. They must be submitted in PDF format (and MP3 for Jazz entries).

  5. All composers need to provide their names and sign their work.

  6. The participation fee is 40 Euro for each composer regardless of the number of submissions. Payment by bank transfer to BRED France, IBAN: FR76 1010 7003 1200 3260 21426 42, BIC: BREDFRPPXXX

  7. The prizes:
    • Contemporary piano category
         - First prize: 1000 euro - Second prize - 500 euro - Third prize - 250 euro
    • Jazz piano category only one 600 euro, the"Nathalie Voyatzis" prize
    • Up to three "Honourable Mentions" will be awarded

  8. The prizes may be shared or not awarded. The jury's decisions will be published before March 31st 2016. The winners will be informed directly by phone or mail. The jury's decisions are final.

  9. The jury comprises 6 personalities of international reputation in the contemporary music domain. 

  10. The winning compositions will be presented during the next Piano Competition «De Bach au Jazz» and in some European contemporary music festivals in France, Bulgaria and Greece.

  11. By entering the competition all applicants accept these Rules and Conditions.

  12. Applicants must submit the following by e-mail (with sufficient resolution):
    • Registration form duly completed
    • Proof of payment of the participation fee
    • Copy of passport or identity document
    • Recent photograph
    • Short Curriculum vitae
    • Musical work(also via the Internet) as follows:
        - Classical piece in signed PDF format
        - Jazz piece in signed PDF format with a recording in MP3 format
          (including the improvisation for those who choose the American notation)