1. The Competition is open to pianists of all nationalities;
  2. The Competition includes separate age groups for the piano solo; there is a single group for Piano Duo / Duet;
  3. Participants may enter a category of a higher age group;
  4. Each application folder must include the following documents (for Piano Duo / Duet application items a., b., c. and d. must be submitted for each performer):
    a. Application form, duly completed, including the name of teacher; One application per partner for Duo / Duet candidacies;
    b. Copy of passport or identity document;
    c. Photo (passport type, good quality);
    d. Short CV (up to 500 characters in English or French) for groups E, F, G and Piano Duo / Duet;
    e. Proof of payment of the entry fee;
    f. The URL link to the video recording on YouTube for groups A, B, C, D, Duo / Duet and first round for groups E, F and G. The videos must respect the specifications below (*);
  5. An acknowledgement will be e-mailed to the applicants upon receipt of the complete application folder;
  6. Entries will be taken into consideration only after payment proof is received for the full amount (all bank charges must be paid by the candidate);
  7. The application fee is not refundable;
  8. Specific rules for groups A, B, C, D and Duo / Duet:
    a. The competition for these groups will take place ONLY online;
    b. The complete application folders, including the video links, must be received on June 5th, 2023 at the latest;
    c.The final results for groups A, B, C, D and Duo / Duet will be announced after the end of the competition before July 15th;
    d. The prizes will then be mailed to the laureates and the monetary prizes transferred to their bank accounts as appropriate;
    e.First prize's videos will be posted on the competition's website;
  9. Specific rules for groups E, F and G:
    a. The competition for these groups will consist of a "selection first round" online followed by a second round that will take place at the Athens Conservatoire, for the selected candidates;
    b. The complete application folders, including the video links to the first round, must be received on April 5th, 2023 at the latest;
    c. The candidates selected to pass to the second round will be informed by the 18th of April 2023;
    d. The second round will take place, for the selected candidates of the first round, at the Athens Conservatoire on 6 – 9 July, 2023;
    e. Laureates will be announced at the end of the second round and prizes distributed at the Gala Concert that will follow;
    f. Should a winner not participate at the Gala Concert his prize will not be awarded (cancelled);
    g. The jury may interrupt a candidate during his performance;
    h. All the performances and the Gala Concert are open to the public;
    i. The organisers will not accept any responsibility for accidents during the live competition in Athens;
  10. Participants will receive a summary of the jury's comments on all video submissions;
  11. Candidates must play from memory. Exceptionally for contemporary music scores will be tolerated. All must be able to present the score from which they are playing, if requested;
  12. The Jury can split a prize or not award a prize at its discretion;
  13. The Jury’s decisions are final;
  14. Teachers who have three or more participants will receive a Diploma of Distinction for Outstanding Teacher;
  15. All video / audio recordings remain the property of the organizers;
  16. Jury members may present their students. However, they abstain from judging them;
  17. Entry to the competition implies full acceptance of the Competition’s Rules; In case of withdrawal, the candidates are kindly requested to inform the organisers;
  18. Rules may be subject to change; In particular if special constraints are imposed, like sanitary ones or others;

(*) Video Recording Specifications

  1. The video must be recorded and uploaded on YouTube. It is the applicant's responsibility to ensure that their links are active, viewable and of adequate quality for the jury's purposes, until the end of July at least;
  2. Performances on upright pianos are allowed, as are video recordings with a smartphone;
  3. Each movement must be recorded in a continuous take;
  4. The instrument(s), face and hands of the performer(s) should be clearly visible (except for Duo / Duet);
  5. Candidates must play from memory. Exceptionally, for contemporary pieces (groups F and G) scores will be tolerated;
  6. For Piano Duo / Duet scores are allowed;
  7. Scores of contemporary pieces (free choice pieces of groups E, F and G) must be submitted. The jury may ask additionally for other scores.