Welcome to the site of the International Piano Competition 2021 "De Bach Au Jazz - From Bach to Jazz"

Created by the Cultural Association "Nathalie" (www.association-nathalie.org) in 2013 and after the very successful edition of 2018 held under the auspices of the "Athens Conservatoire" (Odeion Athinon) of Athens, Greece, the 2021 edition will also be held at and under the auspices of the "Athens Conservatoire" (Odeion Athinon) of Athens, Greece and will welcome candidates of all levels and horizons with the aim of promoting all musical styles from J. S. Bach to our day, including a separate full fledged section for Jazz piano (this section has been cancelled!).

In relation to the current special conditions due to the health pandemic, we have decided to make this edition online, over the Internet. The most basic priority for artists in this difficult situation is to be able to keep the "musical spirit" alive. This competition aims at providing a vehicle for young artists to improve their skills and maintain their interest and love for all kinds of music.

The Cultural Association "Nathalie", active both in France and abroad, was setup by the internationally renowned pianist Lilia Boyadjieva in memory of her daughter Nathalie, killed at the age of 20 by an irresponsible car driver. We will always remember her tender and cheeky smile, her "joie de vivre" and her love of all music.

A "Nathalie Voyatzis" memorial award will be awarded for the best improvisation "After Bach" 300€
The Association "Nathalie" is represented in Greece by the Civil Non-Profit Company VONA CNPC.


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